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OCTOBER 25-26, 2024

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Unassailable Soul

with Larissa Thera & David Vada

We are offering psychic readings & Starseed merchandise!

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Personality Theory and Intuitive Insightsto help people understand themselves and others.


Rune readings, reiki healing, and palm reading.  Offering jewelry and home decor!

Reiki and Shamanic energy healing, intuitive guidance, sound healing, somatic movement and breathwork.


Tie-dye shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, bandanas, tapestries, carrying bags, & crystal skulls.


Delicious Caramel Apples!

Moon Phaze Essentials offers spiritual candles, along with spell candles and fun unique candles for kids as well. 


Clairvoyant readings, crystals, essential oils and crystal boxes.

Crafters of many different beautiful things, Different Pieces offers a variety of personal items such as tumbler of many different style, pens, keychains, acrylic character notebooks, boxes and so much more.

The Natural Strega


Mystical and Magickal handcrafted items: spell jars, candles, bath salts, jewelry, wooden chests & jewelry cabinets, & resin creations.

Starship Temperance

Psychic Readings & Glitter Tea!

Moonchild Laboratory

Handmade polymer clay earrings and crocheted gifts!

Imaginancy Creations

Steampunk and vintage clothes, hats, jewelry, dreamcatchers, and miniatures 

and more!

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