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Keep the whole family connected.

​We are drawn to Glacier because of the amazing transformative power of the mountains.  These ancient and gargantuan behemoths  We are designing an amazing summer camp experience for the whole family!  Combining a mix of spiritually-based classes, a sense of cosmically-destined community, and fun vacation experiences, we hope to bring you the best of what Glacier has to offer!

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Meet our Camp Guides

Coming together with unique skills and practices...


We were meant to be WILD,
We were meant to ROAM!

"ROAM Beyond’s inspiring settings immerse you in nature with convenient access to recreation and culture. Relax this winter with crackling bonfires, cowboy hot tubs, ice skating, the breathtaking backdrop of snow capped peaks, and the magical ambiance of the evening “ROAM glow”. Each cabin offers comforts of home with seclusion and privacy, all with access to indoor amenities and a strong community vibe."

            - ROAM Beyond Glacier, Columbia Falls, MT

It's like Summer Camp for the Whole Family

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We're In!

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